"Goodnight Bush" - Goodnight Moon for grownups

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I think right about now we could all use some hilarity. The economy is in the toilet. We're still in the middle of a war. You know--all that business. Well, here's a little something that might bring a smile to your otherwise foreclosure-filled day.

Based on the old standby and children's classic, Goodnight Moon, the parody Goodnight Bush follows President Bush through his nightly routine before bedtime. The hardback book, by Eric Origen and Gan Golen, leaves no piece of the original unspoofed, right down to using Vice President Dick Cheney as the 'quiet old woman' character. Never mind that he's holding a shotgun as he sits in that rocking chair (which is adorned with a skull and crossbones).

All in all, it's pretty funny. Whether you like Bush and/or approve of him as a president, I think you will get a kick out of this little hardback. The authors refer to the book as a "visual requiem" of the last eight years that were Bush's Presidency. Agree with it or not, it's still pretty darned amusing. At least it was when I perused it on Amazon.com last night while awaiting the return of Karate Kid on late night television.


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