Britney Spears' boys' birthday bash

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Driving around in customized, matching electric ride-on cars with personalized license plates, Preston (3) and Jayden (2) Spears celebrated their birthdays (September 14th and 12th, respectively) together along with their family. The boys' grandparents were there along with their aunt and newborn cousin Maddie Briann.

Other celebrity guests included Jenny McCarthy's son Evan and Gwen Stefani's son Kingston. According to a source speaking with People magazine, "The boys received tons of birthday gifts. Britney and her family really made the party special for the boys." The cake was in the shape of a yellow truck to match the cars-and-trucks theme of the party.

You know? Those boys have been through a lot, what with their mum's issues and all; it seems to me they deserve a nice time for a change.

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