Grandma too young for Toys R Us discount

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Toys R Us storeWhen it comes to being a grandparent, is there an age limit? According to Toys R Us there is -- it's 50 years old. When the toy giant put out a new coupon that gave grandparents the right to spoil their grandkids at the store -- to the tune of 20% off -- they also included a disclaimer in the fine print: Grandparents must be at least 50 years old.

Linda Peters of Phoenix, however, is only 49. When she took her coupon to the store to buy a treat for her little grandson, she was told that she didn't qualify and wouldn't receive the discount. Though the coupon read "We love grandparents," Linda definitely wasn't feeling the love.

Toys R Us is standing by their decision. They told the press that any new promotion needs limits and putting an age requirement on theirs was appopriate. They're even going to extend an olive branch to Linda by giving her the discount after all. But I'm wondering, what do you think? Can grandparent-hood be defined by a number? Should it be? Or is Toys R Us being discriminatory?

Should Toys R Us have put an age on their coupon?
Yes. They have a right to limit their promotions.5830 (29.5%)
No. It discriminates against younger grandparents.13539 (68.6%)
Other -- share with us in comments.363 (1.8%)

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