Head lice getting harder to treat

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head liceTwo words a parent dreads hearing: head lice. Those creepy little bugs that infest the hair of humans are a hassle to treat and often cause for embarrassment. Considering the fact that head lice have been bugging humans for thousands of years, one wonders why we haven't figured out a sure-fire way to eradicate them.

One of the reasons is the parasite's ability to adapt and become immune to the medications we use to get rid of it. In fact, experts say that it takes only three to five years for head lice - or pediculosis - to develop an immunity to a new treatment. This means that sometimes the over-the-counter medications parents furiously work into their child's hair does absolutely nothing.

Health experts still recommend that medications such as Rid and Nix be used to treat head lice as they do work for many people. But for those who have tried them and still have creepy crawlers up there, help may be on the horizon. The Food and Drug Administration is close to approving several new treatments, including the "Lice Asphyxiator", which basically kills the bugs by preventing them from breathing. Also on the way is a fast-acting lotion that does the job in a fraction of the time as current treatments. And my personal favorite: a treatment that involves blow-drying the bugs to death.

In the meantime, the Internet is full of suggestions on how to get rid of lice with home remedies. I don't know if covering your kid's scalp in mayonnaise, olive oil or Vaseline really works, but I would sure be willing to give it a try.

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