Naomi Campbell claims fallopian tube operation saved her life

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Naomi Campbell

Recently we at ParentDish reported to you that Naomi Campbell was ready to be a mom now that she's had some secretive corrective surgery to help her conceive. well, now all the walls are down and Campbell is being extremely open and detailed with the surgery, which occurred in Brazil and was until now kept pretty secretive. Apparently the supermodel underwent surgery to remove several cysts when doctors also repaired her fallopian tubes, which were damaged, meaning she would be able to have children.

Campbell said that in the year before the surgery she'd been in a great deal of pain and actually collapsed in her friend's apartment before following her pal's advice to see a Brazilian doctor. One of the two tumors (cysts) was infected and was leaking, and, according to the supermodel, would have put her in danger had it gone untreated. She says the doctors doing the surgery noted one of her fallopian tubes was blocked and took care of that issue as well. Campbell claims the surgery saved her life.

Perhaps it did. Perhaps it did in more ways than one. We've been quick to snark at Naomi's desire to have a child, now that we know all about her tantrums and violent behavior. That said, many a person has become changed after having a child--we tend to have more patience and generally be happier. Perhaps being able to be a mom will give Campbell a new lease on life (and more control of her temper!).


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