Daily Dish - The sock box

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Are you laundry-challenged like me? Keep track of all those tiny socks with this easy trick.children's socksWith two girls wearing similarly sized and styled socks in the house, matching socks on laundry day can be a real headache. Instead of wasting time on this tedious task, I picked up an small, inexpensive laundry basket instead and set it on top of the dryer.

Nick-named the "sock box," this basket is where all clean and tiny socks get tossed immediately after coming out of the dryer. When the laundry is caught up (and let's face it -- when is it ever caught up?), I can sit and match them in the evening while I watch TV. Or if I don't get to it (the more likely scenario), my kids know they can go digging through the basket for a matching pair of socks.


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