Mark Wahlberg committed to making relationship work

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Actor Mark Wahlberg says he is committed to making his relationship work. The former Funky Bunch member has realized, right along with the rest of us, that staying together and keeping a relationship going is hard work, but is committed to staying the course.

Walhberg at one time broke up with partner Rhea Durham, who is the mother of two of his children. The couple, now very much back together, are expecting a third child together in a matter of months. The two are planning on getting married at some point after being on and off again several times over the years. Wahlberg admits that walking away from the relationship was a mistake.

It takes a strong person to admit mistakes and an even stronger one to try to work them out. Harder still is staying together in the Hollywood climate. Couples seem to get together and break up with the weather, even when there are children involved. Kudos to Wahlberg for not giving up (Durham too--she could have said no to getting back together). As Wahlberg said in his own words, "...going away doesn't make it work."

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