Alaskans paying $11.00 a gallon for milk

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You thought gas was expensive at more than four dollars a gallon, eh? Well try paying eleven dollars a gallon for milk and see how long you keep up that "no soda for kids" rule! That's the price people are paying in some parts of rural Alaska where the cost of living is extraordinarily high. And what about gas? Try more than nine dollars a gallon in some towns.

With median incomes around $25,000 per year in some of these rural areas, it's no wonder many families are considering heading to the big cities in search of lower prices and higher wages. "We need immediate relief," said Mike Williams of the Alaska Intertribal Council. "I don't want to see all the young people and families leave to live in Anchorage and leave the elders behind in the village."

Community leaders, businesses, and politicians are working together to come up with solutions, but it seems to me that it would be very difficult to try and raise a family under those conditions. I know I would be headed into town. "This has reached a critical point to where we will now have [to] decide if we are going to feed our young or keep them warm," said Ron Hoffman of the Association of Village Council Presidents Regional Housing Authority. I know I would want to do both.

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