Rompers look good on infants; women not so much

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I've heard of using baby products for ourselves, and that seems like a relatively harmless idea. For example, I've been known to borrow my son's baby lotion on occasion. But what about baby fashion? Does it translate to adult-wear? According to the runway, maybe. According to some actual adults, not so much.

Fashion Week recently brought us, to the chagrin of many, a collection of adult-sized rompers. A romper, for those of you unfamiliar with infant wear, is a one-piece outfit made for babies, usually a top and shorts combined into one. Infants look pretty darned cute in them. Grown women look ridiculous. Although, I will say, they do look rather comfortable!

Would you wear an adult-sized romper? Would you if it were made by, say, Betsey Johnson? Or do you prefer to leave the baby clothes to the babies? As for me, if I wanted to wear something chic and comfortable, I would (and do) opt for jeans and a t-shirt. It's my hope this is simply a Spring trend that will go the way of large shoulder pads (although those stuck around for a long, long time!).

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