Steve Irwin's son wants his own TV show

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Steve IrwinWhen little Bob Irwin was only a month old, his crocodile-hunting dad Steve Irwin caught heat for messing with a grouchy croc while cradling the infant. Maybe the wildlife bug was planted during that controversial scene, or maybe it just runs in the family, but four-year-old Bob says that he's the next Irwin in line for his own TV show.

Sister Bindi, now 10, already has a successful series that she does for the Discovery Channel. And the kids watch their dad, who died two years ago after being stung by a sting ray, every morning during breakfast. So while wrangling dangerous animals is definitely a family affair, so is commercialization.

Terri Irwin, Steve's widow and the kid's mom, has been criticized for allowing her children to be out on the airwaves and in stores. (Bindi even has her own doll.) But I have to think that if it were me and this was the thing that helped them feel close to their dad as they grew up, I wouldn't be so quick to put a stop to it either, assuming the kids were happy and healthy and enjoying the process. Either way, I think Steve would be proud to see his family carrying on his traditions without him.

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