Which child is your favorite?

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Do you have a favorite child? I don't mean at this moment -- you know, because one of them is having a bad day and is driving you nuts -- I mean always, consistently, day in and day out. Do you like one of your children more than the other(s)? Do you love one of them more?

Some mothers say yes, absolutely.

In an article in the Daily Mail, three moms talk, honestly and openly, about loving one child more deeply than their other children. They have various reasons -- the favored child is more like the mother, for example, or the less-loved child was born under difficult circumstances -- but still it begs the larger question: do ALL moms favor one child?

I can say honestly that I do not love one of my children more than the other. Sure, there are days when I like one of them more, and there are days when one of them needs to be loved more than his brother, but I don't ever remember feeling like I didn't love them both with my entire heart and soul. Or is that little bit of not liking, of wanting the whining or the tantrum or the incessant talking to stop, is that what these women mean when they say they don't love that child as much as the other?

What do you think -- do you love all your children equally, or do you have a favorite? And if you do, how do you deal with that?

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