Elle MacPherson lets son ride on handlebars

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Supermodel Elle MacPherson is in trouble with the Royal Prevention of Accidents for letting her son ride on the handlebars of her bike. The model was spotted in London with son Aurelius Cy propped up on her handlebars. I'm sure there are worse things someone could allow her child to do, but it doesn't seem like a smart move at all.

The RPA is calling her actions "irresponsible" and dangerous. MacPherson was also clutching a handbag. I suppose that is to prove she had even less a handle on her son, but it's also probably because, you know, she's a model. A spokesman for the RPA said what she was doing was also illegal. I don't know about British law, so I can't verify that, but it does seem unsafe to use a bike built for one person to haul two people, especially when one of them isn't even in a seat. I can bet you neither of them was wearing a helmet either.

Plenty of people in New York City tote their kids around on bikes, but the kids get their own seats on the back of the bike. We see a lot of "co-pilot" stickers on the back of these bike seats which ads a little tinge of humor. Cheesy, sure, but a lot safer than letting your kid ride on your handlebars. If that happened in my neighborhood we wouldn't need an RPA to get involved--the neighbors would give a mouthful!

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