How much time do you spend with your OBGYN?

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Don't worry, I'm not referring to getting coffee. What I mean is, when you go in for a visit, say your annual exam or for a specific reason--like you're pregnant--how much time does your OBGYN spend talking with you? Is it enough? I've read countless articles over the years about how doctors in general are not spending enough time with their patients. Due to the pressures of insurance companies to ever-expand their businesses, for example, doctors are seeing more and more patients and able to give them less and less time. The really good doctors seem to have endless waiting rooms full of eager patients as well, which could mean that you get only a few minutes of his/her time once you actually secure an appointment.

The reason you're seeing an OBGYN might determine how long he or she spends with you. When I visit my OBGYNs, for example, I'm there for pregnancy check-ups. These don't normally take very long at all, and they're very by-the-numbers: Weight taken (fat!), blood pressure checked (low, good), belly measured (sure due date is good, why not), that kind of thing. Then comes the time for questions. How am I feeling, are there any problems, and I resting enough and drinking enough water? Then we check the baby's heartbeat and off I go.

The whole thing takes probably less than ten minutes. It's a whirlwind, but I'm not really designed to be sitting there gabbing all day. Were it an annual exam, it would take longer. There are more tests and questions and most likely the doc wouldn't have seen me a week ago, and then be seeing me next week, and so on. But, do you think you're getting the attention you deserve when you visit the OB or are you just another in a line of vajayjays?

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