Simplicity Drop Side Cribs - Product Recall

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The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission has announced the recall of about 600,000 Simplicity Brand Drop Side Cribs due to an entrapment and suffocation hazard. The drop side can come off the tracks and create a gap in which a baby could become trapped. There has been at least nine incidents of this happening, fortunately with no injuries.

The recall includes cribs with the following model numbers: 8620, 8745, 8748, 8755, 8756, 8778, 8810, and 8994. On a label on the headboard under the mattress support, you will find a date code. If your date code ends in 05DH, 05GB, 06DH, 06GB, 07DH or 07GB, your crib is included in the recall. The model names being recalled include Aspen and Crib N Changer Combo, Gabrielle, Camille, Providence and Shenandoah. Only the brand name 'Simplicity' can be seen on the label on the headboard. This recall involves models using a different style of hardware than the ones recalled in September 2007.

If you have a recalled crib, you are advised to stop using it immediately and find a safe, alternative sleeping place for your child. You should return the crib to the place of purchase for a refund or store credit. Here you will find contact information for retailers who sold the cribs.

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