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I love camping. Being out amidst the trees, the rocks, and, yes, even the dirt is relaxing and comforting to me. If I could live in the woods year-round, I would. Not everyone is quite the Grizzly Adams type that I am, however. If you've got kids, though, it's worth it to take them camping now and then. I came across this great video that offers some insight into what's so great about camping, put together by the website Joy of Camping:

And if you're convinced, you might be interested in their list of ten things to bring for kids when camping. I wholeheartedly agree about the flashlights and whistles, and have to admit I wouldn't have thought of the bug jar or the star finder -- both fantastic ideas. I'd also include some reading and coloring books for down times and some musical instruments -- shakers, rattles, and the like -- to save your pots when the kids want to form a marching band.

All in all, I can't recommend camping more -- it's a great experience for the kids and it's a cheap vacation. If you've never been and are a little hesitant, get together with other families who are more outdoorsy and plan a group trip. The kids will enjoy it even more and you'll be able to sit back and just watch the swarms of kids running around.

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