Duggars to get reality show

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Duggar family Move over "John & Kate Plus 8." You ain't got nothin' on the Duggar family. For those of you unfamiliar with the Duggars (as I was), they're a family of nineteen, seventeen of which are the children. And now, according to reports, they're being given their own television show.

Like it or not the world has yet to see the last of reality television. The Duggars are to get their own stint in the world of reality showing what it's like not only to have seventeen kids (do I need a reality show to imagine what that's like?) but also what it's like to travel the talk show circuit and bathe in the limelight of stardom through (constant) procreation.

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What's more, the show will follow the family as they grow--that's right, Mom Michelle is expecting another child! That will make enough for two baseball teams. What could we learn from the Duggars? I'm not really sure, but the Discovery Channel will give us the opportunity to find out. Will you watch the show, or are you too wrapped up in your own kids to try to watch someone else manage ALL of theirs?

I'm sorry, but dang--that is a LOT of kids!

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