Is the world ready for a teen version of Sex and the City?

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Author Candace Bushnell seems to think so. Just when the world may have thought it'd had enough of SATC after the recent move to the big screen, and just when Gossip Girl lost its minimal intrigue, sights have been set to unleash a teen version of the HBO cult favorite. The question is not whether or not we need a teen SATC, but whether or not we want one.

I guess we do, at least in print. Author Bushnell, who brought us the original SATC is set to launch a series aimed at teens starting in 2010. They will serve as prequels to the well-known wonders of Carrie Bradshaw. The books will be part of The Carrie Diaries and will follow Bradshaw through her teen years as she struggles with romance and fashion. Yawn!

Well, if it's recycled product you want, then perhaps it'll be recycled product you get--at least it sounds that way. Of course, I was one with a penchant for reading the Sweet Valley High series when I was a kid so perhaps these Carrie Diaries is really just SVH for the modern set.

Thoughts? Would you read these books--and would you let your teen? I read the SVH series almost every single one, and I lived to tell about it!

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