Michelle Rodriguez to pen children's movie

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Michelle Rodriguez is not exactly known for her soft side. The actress, perhaps most memorable for bad girl roles in television's Lost and the movie Girlfight, also recently spent some time in jail after being arrested for DUI.

Maybe she's trying new things or trying to change her bad-girl image. Now the actress has taken on the role of writer for a kid's film, which she says will be sort of a "Jumanji meets Goonies" kind of tale. Given the greening of Hollywood (and everything else) the story will have a spin of environmentalism. The description of the film, in Rodriguez's own words, however, sounds far from family-fare.

Apparently the futuristic film is about animals who start attacking everything that isn't pure after a botched seance. That sounds rather terrifying, no? The film is to center around twelve- and thirteen-year-olds. Rodriguez says she's been working on the idea for the film since she was about that age.

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