Want to change the world? Teach Grandma how to text

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We all know that children are our future (thank you, Whitney Houston) but what do children think about our future? We Are What We Do, a British social change group, wanted to know, so they asked -- specifically, they asked about ways to make the world a better place. Thousands of children responded, and the answers have been compiled in a book called Teach Your Granny to Text & Other Ways to Change the World.

The idea behind the book is simple: simple actions, done by kids, can change the world. "You have a super power. It's not as whizzy as X-ray vision or flying. In fact as super powers go it's pretty ordinary. But if you use it you can change things. Big things like global warming, bullying, animal rights and why people don't smile any more."

The winning submission in the contest came from Erica Ritchie, who suggested that people teach their grandparents to text.

The book will be sent to every public school in England; the hope is that it will spark conversation and, of course, change.

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