Broken neck no reason to quit playing

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Every year, I'm sure, tens of high school students play on their school football without injury. Spencer Trapp, however, was not one of the lucky ones. While playing a game, recently, he got hurt -- he thought it was a strained neck, so he kept playing. Later, however, doctors told him he had actually broken his neck -- the sort of injury that could have left him paralyzed or dead. "When I went back and twisted I broke my 5th vertebrae and twisted it almost into my spinal cord. It felt like a strained neck but you don't want to go out with a strained neck," he said.

Luckily, Trapp did survive and appears to be okay. "I just couldn't believe it when the doctors told me that I had a broken neck I played a football game with a broken neck," said Trapp. He won't be playing football anymore -- with or without a broken neck -- but he says he'll be helping out from the sidelines. You've got to give him credit for not being a quitter.

I'm not a big fan of organized sports to begin with and every time I hear a story about some kid getting hurt or killed while playing, it just makes me hope all the more that my kids remain uninterested in such things.

Will you let your kids play sports in school?
Absolutely! It builds character and turns boys into men!62 (30.2%)
If they want to -- I don't see a problem with it and the risks aren't that great.117 (57.1%)
I'd rather they didn't -- it's too much work driving them around to practices and games.8 (3.9%)
Absolutely not! It's dangerous and there's too much win-at-all-costs attitude.18 (8.8%)

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