Lego organization for the serious builder

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If your kids are just casual LEGO users, then you can get away with a shoe box or other basic storage container. If they're a little more serious, you may want to invest in something like the Box4Blox unit. If they're really into LEGO construction, however, they'll want a method that makes it easy to get at the exact pieces they need, when they need them. Luckily, there is just such a method.

Over in the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, they have a tutorial that covers organizing your LEGO bricks compactly and efficiently, while still allowing for easy separation when you need them. They illustrate ways to stack different sizes of bricks into the smallest package possible while still allowing for easy separation.

For kids (or grown-up builders), this makes the pieces easy to find and access. For adults (or spouses of grown-up builders), this means fewer sharp-cornered pieces on the floor just waiting for a chance to attack bare feet.


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