Sticky situations - Talking to your nanny or babysitter

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It's not always easy to find a nanny or babysitter who will nurture your children just like you would while you're away. That's why many moms have trouble rocking the boat when a situation arises. Even though a nanny/parent relationship is also an employee/employer relationship, the domestic nature of the work can make it difficult to confront sticky situations.

Cookie magazine contributor Robbie Ludwig recently visited The Early Show to share some tips for preventing conflict before it starts and handling when it does, including:
  • Start any difficult conversation with a positive comment.
  • Sit down and create a written agreement with your nanny or babysitter, one that can be referred to when there's a disagreement or can be altered as the need arises.
  • Hold a weekly meeting with your babysitter to touch base and discuss issues.
  • Create clear boundaries in your relationship. It's easy to grow close to a beloved nanny, but remember that you each have your professional role as well.
View the clip below for more tips on resolving conflict. If you employ a nanny or babysitter, how have you dealt with confrontation or disagreement without damaging the relationship that you've worked so hard to create?


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