Breast buds for your birthday

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I am not one to run to the doctor every time my kid has an ache or a pain. But yesterday, after about a week of hearing my just-turned-eight-year-old girl complain about sore nipples, I decided it was time to call in a professional. The diagnosis was shocking: breast buds.

Of course, as shocking as the news was, it didn't come as a complete surprise. I am a girl, after all, and have a little experience with growing breasts myself. However, the only thing I had developed by the age of eight was poor vision and a slight overbite.

The doctor assures me that the appearance of breast buds does not mean we will be buying bras by Christmas. But within as few as three years, Ellie will most likely begin filling out her tops in a whole new way. And of course, all that other puberty-related fun will commence as well.

Sitting in the doctor's office, Ellie and I had completely different reactions to the doctor's words. While my mouth fell open in disbelief, hers broke into the biggest smile you've ever seen. She was so excited about her budding breasts, she went back to school and told everyone who would listen. I went home and felt sad.

Today, I realize that maybe I didn't handle this milestone very well and have decided that for Ellie's sake, I will embrace her baby-step into womanhood. In fact, I will celebrate it. Her body is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, however early it may be. I just hope she won't be the only kid in her fifth grade class wearing a bra.

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