Bus driver leaves five-year-old to make his own way home

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Riding the school bus can be nerve-wracking enough for a five-year-old without the bus driver dropping you in what might as well be the middle of nowhere and just leaving you there. That, however, is exactly what happened to Jaeden Vasquez who ended up on the wrong school bus -- in more ways than one.

When the driver got to the end of the line and found Jaeden still there, he simply told him to get off the bus. "He said the driver told him to get off because it was the last stop," his mother said. "How is he supposed to know any better? Someone told him to get off, so he got off." He then walked up to a woman and told her that he was lost; she called his school and brought him back in a cab.

The weirdest thing about this whole story? Jaeden actually lives across the street from the school and is supposed to go to an afterschool program next door. I'm not sure what the bus driver was thinking -- or even if he was -- but I sure hope this doesn't happen again.

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