City sinks pirate ship

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I have a very short list of places I would live if I couldn't live in San Francisco -- basically, it's the Russian River area just north of here and Vancouver, British Columbia (with Portland, Oregon a maybe). Some of the lustre has come off one of those choices, however, now that a Vancouver judge has ordered a pirate ship treehouse dismantled.

Despite admiring the workmanship, a judge decided the treehouse -- complete with plastic cannons -- violated city bylaws. So, Architect Andrew Dewberry had to explain to his sons, nine-year-old Jack and seven-year-old Sam, that the treehouse would have to come down. "We wanted to sleep in it over the summer one time," Jack said, as he watched his treehouse being taken down, "but we didn't get around to it and now we can't."

It's a shame when accommodations can't be made for the benefit of kids. If I ran a city, I would make darn sure that parents were allowed to build their kids a treehouse if they wanted.

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