Heidi Klum gets family tattoo

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Models, especially those who parade around in bikinis and their underwear for a living, need to be selective when it comes to tattoos. Heidi Klum, perhaps one of the only remaining supermodel forces, is no exception. Klum's tattoo is on her arm, and recent exposure, I suppose, prompted a response from the model.

Klum recently revealed details about her "new" tattoo, which actually isn't that new at all. Klum, who says she's had the tattoo since May, says the tattoo was part of a marriage ceremony to her husband, Seal, whom she reweds each year. The tattoo also has three little stars, each which bears the initials of one of her three children.

In my book, getting a tattoo in May counts as a new tattoo. Also, it may sound strange for "tattoo" and "family" to appear in the same sentence, but, in the modern world, not really. I would caution Heidi against getting the name of a loved one tattooed on her, though--a symbol is ok, but if we haven't learned anything from Johny Depp's "Winona" tattoo then we need to, right now. Great idea for an inventive mother's day gift, though!

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