Kelly Osbourne to write memoirs

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Twenty-three-year-old celebrity kid Kelly Osbourne is set to write her memoirs. The "Papa Don't Preach" cover singer, who is famous basically for having a famous dad, will publish an autobiography of what it's like to grow up as the child of metal rock god Ozzy Osbourne.

Kelly has been to rehab twice, allegedly for painkillers, and apparently was ensnared in some sort of controversy with singer Christina Aguilera, which will also be chronicled. We've seen most of Kelly already, as she starred alongside daddy Osbourne and mother Sharon Osbourne in a reality television series presented by MTV.

Mom Sharon, who also serves as Ozzie's manager (and has for many years, basically rocketing him to stardom), has already written her memoirs. Like mother like daughter, I guess! Virgin Books in the UK will publish the latest from the Osbourne clan.

I want to see a book from daughter Amy, who allegedly refused to have anything to do with the reality series!

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