Parents ask that their daughter be treated the same

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We all, I'm sure, do our best to treat our children fairly and equally. It is, really, the right thing to do. We don't give one kid a pony for their birthday and the other a pair of socks, we don't take one on vacation and leave the other with the babysitter, and we don't buy one kid a brand new sports car and the other a used bike. Well, one couple has made a video asking that the state do the same.

Sam and Julia Thoron have been married for nearly half a century and have raised three children. One of them happens to be gay, but that doesn't mean it's okay to let the other two get married while taking away the right of the third to do so. California's proposition 8 would do just that -- take away the right of thousands of parent's sons and daughters to get married. In the video, Julia asks "please don't eliminate that right -- for anyone's family."

It had to take a lot of guts -- and love -- for this couple to make that video. But then, that's the sort of thing parents do for their kids. Hopefully, all the other parents in the state will think about their own children and not vote to take away their right to marry this November.

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