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These days, you can get just about anything on-line. Apparently, "just about anything" includes a sperm donor. I don't know how legitimate this is, but given the purchases made by the Golden Palace Casino, and the recent auctions for young women's virginity, it certainly could be real, even if it isn't. A blogger has decided that she's ready to have a baby and, not having a handy man around the house, has posted on her blog looking for one.

Amy Jones says she is twenty-six years old, has "most of a PhD in Biophysics and will be finishing my JD before the child is born" and will be able to work from home, for the most part, once she returns to work. Going by the picture posted (which may or may not be of the young lady in question), I would think she would have little or no trouble finding a "sperm donor" in the real world, without putting it all out there on the internet. It strikes me as a little sensationalist and unnecessary.

Further, if she is really interested in raising a child (and not just some hot unprotected sex), why not consider adopting? Then she wouldn't have to go through nine months of discomfort at best and sheer hell at worst. Even if she is desperate for a genetic connection, at twenty-six, she's still got at least a dozen years to find a partner to help raise the kid. I'm not saying two parents are necessary, but it sure makes it a lot easier. Truth be told, I'm not sure what to think of this. What say you?

What do you think about finding a sperm donor by posting on your blog?
The internet has changed the way we do lots of things; this is just one more example.83 (21.3%)
It's not something I would do, but I suppose it's okay.45 (11.5%)
She needs to turn off the computer, go outside, and meet someone.83 (21.3%)
It's just a stunt perpetrated by a woman too immature to be a parent.60 (15.4%)
This is a really, really bad idea -- who knows who she really is or who the donor would turn out to be!119 (30.5%)

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