Man has Britain's largest Legos collection

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When Britain Darren Smith started collecting Legos at the tender age of five, he (and his parents) probably had no idea it would turn into an obsession. Smith, now thirty-two, has amassed what is being claimed as Britain's largest Lego collection.

The number of pieces in Darren's collection, which includes over 2,000 sets, is currently at 2,000,000--well over the previous record holder's collection of a paltry 500,000. The collection is worth around $100,000. Darren claims the pieces, which include his beloved Star Wars C3PO collection, are colorful, and timeless, and that everyone wants to see them, regardless of what they think of his obsession.

Smith also says his wife Claire doesn't mind the collection, which takes up the garage and their loft. She doesn't care for it when it starts to take over the house, however. I can concur with that sentiment--those things HURT when they get caught underfoot! Darren's wife would disagree--she says the collection is slowly taking over their house and it's driving her crazy!


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