Nicole Kidman credits miracle pregnancy to waterfall swim

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Nicole KidmanWhenever there's a rash of pregnancies among a group of friends or co-workers, you'll often hear the joke: "There's something in the water!" In new mom Nicole Kidman's eyes, however, that might really be true. According to Nicole, she thought she'd never get pregnant and carry a baby. But after swimming in Kununurra waterfalls of the Australian Outback, she got pregnant with Sunday Rose.

Not only did Nicole get pregnant, but so did six other women who were working with her on her latest film Australia. Out of the seven, six gave birth to girls and one to a boy. Nicole says that the Kununurra falls should be called "fertility waters."

Women who struggle with infertility get a lot of unhelpful advice: Just relax. Go on vacation. You're trying too hard. Does Kidman's suggestion that a swim in pristine waters can promote fertility fall into that same category ? Or do you think the star could be on to something?

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