Airing it out

Say what you will about disposable diapers, especially with regard to their impact on the environment, but it's hard to deny that they do offer (for the most part) one very important positive--the disappearance of diaper rash. The latest models of diapers have so much moisture-wicking capacity and absorbency that diaper rash is more of an occasional nuisance than the norm.

Which leads me to a strange and interesting question. Do kids, in this modern world of diaper technology, need to ever let it "air out?" And by that I mean spend some quality time sans diapers, underpants or anything else. Some--and especially some men to whom I've spoken--say it's important for little guys to air it out once in a while. I've heard the same thing from moms about their little gals. How long is the appropriate amount of time is hard to pin down. Most agree to let the airing continue until there's an, uhm, accident on the bathroom floor.

I've always read or been told that even adults need to air it out, and that it's not necessary to say, wear underwear to bed. If that's true then why would it not be so for kids? If the child is wearing the more environmentally-friendly cloth diapers, which from what I understand are not as absorbent, etc., then might it be more important to get a little air time? Or have cloth diapers modernized right along with the disposable version?

Do you air out your kids, or is it not necessary? Also, I'll say I've heard that despite the diaper rash disappearance, many parents eschew disposables because they say it impedes kids from properly potty training, as they never feel wet!

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