British mums overspend on baby to impress each other

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Like the US, Great Britain is in the midst of a credit crunch. But that's not stopping new moms from overspending on baby gear.

According to a poll conducted by The Baby Website, Britain's "Yummy Mummies" are overspending their baby budgets by more than $400.00 each year in a bid to keep up with other moms. Where's the money going? Designer clothes for baby, mostly.

Kathryn Crawford, managing director of The Baby Website, explains the overspending this way: new moms get together for coffee and playdates, which are a "breeding ground for competitiveness." So the Yummy Mummies try to out do each other -- but instead of dressing themselves up, they dress up their babies. "The thing is that mums want to be seen to be doing the very best for their child, and providing the very best, and if this means spending more money than they had intended, so be it."

The survey also found that these moms knock themselves out for playdates at home, cleaning house and cooking and spending hours putting on their makeup. And -- most interestingly -- it also found that moms are more likely to take the advice of other moms before shopping, rather than relying on advertisements or product guides. So when all the other mommies are buying the really expensive baby shoes, it's easy to see where the slippery slope starts, isn't it?

Do you ever overspend on your kids? Or do you stick with a budget, no matter what the other tots are wearing?

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