C-Tuck - Would you get one?

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doctorI don't know about you, but my second c-section took a serious toll on my mid-section. I'm not typically a vain kind of girl, but that little flippity-flap over my second incision line?

Not pretty, people.

Granted, it's only been six weeks since I delivered my son via surgeon's knife, and it doesn't help that my pre-baby body was less Jennifer Lopez and more Jenny Craig "before photo." I'm hopeful that once I'm cleared to exercise, I'll be able to get my abdominal muscles in decent shape.

Exercising isn't my favorite activity in the world, so I'm kind of bummed I didn't ask for a c-tuck while my doc was fiddling around with my fundus anyway.

In case you haven't heard, rumor has it that some celebrity moms are scheduling elective c-sections for the eighth month of pregnancy, to avoid the serious stretching that starts once you hit that ninth month. At the same time, so they say, they get a tummy tuck.

Can you imagine coming home from the hospital with a newborn and a new belly button?

Don't get too excited, though. Plastic surgeons say the procedure increases the risk of infection and requires amniocentesis.

So tell me, would you risk it for a flat belly?
Would you get a c-tuck?
Never, I think plastic surgery is vain76 (22.8%)
In a heartbeat, exercising is a waste of time42 (12.6%)
If my doctor said it was safe, I'd have to consider it215 (64.6%)

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