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The best parenting advice I've ever heard is also the simplest: play with your kids as long as they will let you.

When people talk about having children, they generally speak of parenting in terms of having a baby. Of course, that is where parenting begins for most of us - caring for an infant. The sleepless nights, the spitty shirts, the dirty diapers - they take over our lives and seem to go on forever. But in reality, those precious baby days are short. Before you know it, that sweet little bundle of love is walking and talking and running you ragged in completely new ways. Years go by and while you are busy doing what a parent does, your kids are busy doing what they do - growing up, up and away.

It's hard to imagine it when your children are small, but someday they will prefer the company of their friends over you. They will stop begging you to play dolls, blocks, board games - and all those other mind-numbing activities that can sometimes feel like just another chore to a weary parent. And when they stop, chances are that you are going to miss it. So, play while the playing is good.

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