Ewan McGregor won't spoil his kids

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Ewan McGregor and wifeNever mind celebrity parenting, when it comes to parenting in general, Ewan McGregor is a refreshing change. He recently told the Daily Express that he and his wife have created a life that shields their three daughters from the celebrity lifestyle. Not only do they keep the girls out of the public eye, they also work hard to instill good, old-fashioned values in them to prevent their dad's celeb status from going to their heads.

"Giving kids whatever they want is disastrous parenting," McGregor said. "There's no sense of something earned." The star, who has several upcoming movies, says that they don't buy the girls the latest cell phones or iPods just because their's have become out of date, and they set firm boundaries that include manners and being polite. He went on to say about his girls, "What they care about is what all kids care about: their friends, feeling safe, feeling loved, and being free to express who they are."

Just because you can give your kids everything, doesn't mean you should. The McGregor family seems to really understand that, and even if their girls don't agree right now, in the long run it'll be a lesson they're sure to appreciate.

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