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Cooking with kids can be fun, easy and nutritious! Start with mini-pizzas.

Pizza is an easy and fun meal that most people of all ages enjoy eating. They tend to enjoy making it just as much. Chances are, though, the process can be daunting for those of us with young children. Plus, there is little time to think up alternatives if a mistake is made.

Try making pizzas with English muffins the way my mom used to when I was a kid. I got to put whatever I wanted on the "pizza," then it was popped into the toaster oven just long enough to brown the English muffin--a few minutes tops! Not so fond of your topping choices? Make another one! It's a much better deal than investing in toppings for a whole pie, only to realize the flavor combo isn't exactly stellar.

This idea is cost-effective to boot. Many of us already keep English muffins on hand for breakfast, so they're an easy reach when dinner rolls around and you're out of ideas. Better yet, buy them in bulk and then serve them at your kid's next party--their friends will love making them and eating them...and you can keep some of the mess in the kitchen!


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