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Invite your little chef into the kitchen to teach her some valuable cooking skills. Just don't expect perfection every time.child cookingPreschool teachers have a saying, "It's about the process, not the product." What that means is that when a young child creates, he or she cares far more about the doing than the result. And since the doing is where the learning takes place, so do teachers and parents. The same is true when kids help in the kitchen.

Even a toddler can help in the kitchen, but if you're going to have help, you need to adapt your expectations. A simple recipe that might take 15 minutes typically can take a lot longer when you've got little ones or siblings helping out. And waiting for a toddler to finish stirring ... that can take all day. You can speed the process along by getting all of your ingredients out before you start and using age-appropriate utensils.

Our favorite recipe, sweet potato muffins, takes us a good hour from start to finish. And the muffins ... well ... they're usually a little lopsided, misshapen, and either too big or to small. But they're delicious, as are the memories we create when we bake them.

This week's DailyDish is all about cooking with kids. What's your favorite tip for cooking with little ones?


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