The Duggars are expecting a(nother) girl!

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Duggar familyOn Mother's Day, Michelle Duggar surprised her family with what has probably become a not totally unexpected announcement: She was pregnant, and her 18th child was due on New Year's Day. The family recently visited with the Today show and revealed that their latest addition will be a girl. That makes things a little more equal at home; once this baby is born, the family will have 10 boys and 8 girls.

But welcoming a new sister isn't the only change going on in the Duggar household. Eldest son Joshua, 20, recently married his home-school group sweetheart, Anna. The two will be setting up house near the Duggars in Arkansas. Does Anna embrace the Duggar's "we'll welcome as many children as we're blessed with" lifestyle? Is this the beginning of The Duggars: The Sequel? Or will the young couple show a little more reproductive restraint?

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As for Michelle, she's not closing the door on motherhood just yet. "We would love more," she told the Today show. "We really believe each child is a gift from God. We would love to receive more gifts if the Lord sees fit. I guess we'll just wait and see." What that means is, watch for another "surprise" announcement next fall or winter, I think!

If you were Michelle Duggar, would you:
Keep adding to your brood.2486 (7.5%)
Quit at number 18.3513 (10.6%)
I can't even imagine. Literally.27298 (82.0%)

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