Heath Ledger's estate will go to his daughter

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Heath Ledger Michelle WilliamsHeath Ledger may have been taken from his daughter Matilda's life far too soon, but thanks to cooperation on the part of his family members, his earnings will be taking care of her financially for a long time to come.

Heath had a will, but he'd signed it two years before Matilda was born and never updated it. He left his estate to his parents and sisters. Though he had roughly $118,000 in assets, some estimate his estate to be worth around $16 million. There was speculation that former partner and mother to Matilda, Michelle Williams, might challenge the will, but that never happened. Instead, Health's family has gifted the entire amount to Matilda.

Health's family said from the time of his death that Michelle and Matilda would be provided for, and they've been true to their word. It's a tribute to Heath that his family followed through with what they thought he, as a dad, would have wanted. And as Susan reminded us back in June, it's a reminder to all parents to have paperwork up to date so that, in a worst case scenario, kids are taken care of.

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