Sarah Palin has a name for your baby

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Military Are you having a baby but haven't yet figured out what to call the little bundle of joy? (Hey, I understand -- despite having the best names ever, our son Tuolumne Ezra was several days old before he had a name.) Could it be that you just don't think the name you've picked out does your little one justice? Are you a big fan of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her unusually named children? Well, why not let Palin choose a name for your baby?

Yep, coming all the way from Alaska via that well-known series of tubes, it's the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator. Just put in the name you were thinking of and get back Sarah's suggestion for a better name. In fact, to show your support for the future veep, you could even put in your own name and change it to Sarah's suggestion. Just call me Geese Whalebone Sinasohn from now on.

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