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As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. You teach them about love, compassion, and trust. You offer them experiences that open up their world. You help them learn to walk, model how to talk, and give them a strong base for their future learning experiences.

And eventually (unless you homeschool, of course), you send them off to school, trusting another person to lead and share in your child's education. And these teachers, well, they throw open their classroom doors and, often, their hearts to welcome your learner, with a solitary goal -- to impart knowledge. Not just academic knowledge, though. They also want to teach your child to get along with others, to be a responsible citizen, to appreciate art and music, and to better themselves every day.

ParentDish is spending October giving back to the teachers who give so much to our children by participating in DonorsChoose. This incredible program gives teachers a chance to put their real needs out there, and gives donors a chance to give a gift toward the purchase of programs and materials in the school of their choice.

The idea behind Childhood Unplugged is that children benefit from enriching activities that bring them closer to the world around them. With that in mind, I chose four different teachers to highlight this month. Take a look at the great minds at work below, and if you're so inclined, click over to their DonorsChoose page and donate to their cause. (Note: Click on each teacher's link to view their individual page and to read their complete proposal.)

Mrs. Z's Classroom:

Mrs. Z has 20 fourth graders who need a variety of hands-on supplies to create fun and engaging projects that will help her students in language arts. She teaches in an urban setting and 90% of her students are learning English as a second language. Mrs Z says:

"Your help will give my students the opportunity to enthusiastically create cross-curricular connections between writing, art, and multiple subject areas! Without these supplies, we'll be doomed to whatever projects use only lined paper and pencils. 20 4th graders longing to create are waiting on YOU!"

Mrs. B's Classroom:

Mrs. B teachers pre-K in an urban setting. Due to poverty and budget cuts, her students aren't getting enough physical activity. She's looking for assistance in purchasing materials that combine learning and movement, such as bean bags, a parachute, and hula hoops. Mrs B. says:

"The students will be participating in several physical activities(games)while being connected to academics. They will be participating in physical activities to build community, cooperation, and self esteem as well as learning letters, shapes, numbers, and colors. The children will benefit from the materials in getting them up and moving while still learning."

Mrs. F's Classroom:

Mrs. F is an 8th grade language arts teacher whose students lived through the devastation of Katrina. Many are still living in FEMA trailers. Her creative students are reluctant writers, so she'd like to purchase blank books for her classroom. These would allow her students more freedom and creativity, while she teaches them the basics of writing. Mrs. F says:

"Your help will make it possible for my students to find and personalize their voice through writing and illustrations. This personal discovery will also help students understand the importance of writing, no matter the topic, as a means of discovering the inner voice most are yet to find and trust."

Mrs. P's Classroom:

Mrs. P teaches autistic children at the early elementary level. She doesn't have much in the way of classroom funds, but needs some tools to help her students get the sensory input that they need. She'd like to buy a balance beam and a Fun Barrel to achieve this goal. Mrs P. says:

"The Fun Barrel will also help my students meet their need to rock, climb, roll...the possibilities are endless! The balance beam and fun barrel can also be used in team and social building exercises that are really important to the education of an autistic student."

And from us at ParentDish, thank you. We'll be highlighting these teachers the rest of the month to see if we can't get them the help they desperately need.


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