Twirlers disciplined over "I Kissed a Girl" song

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i kissed a girl coverI've written before about Katy Perry's song I Kissed A Girl and the general consensus seems to be that it is no big deal. The song is basically about a girl having a few drinks and losing her inhibitions. She kisses another girl at a party and likes it. That's pretty much it. But the song has lots of detractors, including officials at Van High School in North Texas.

Three girls at that school were temporarily relieved of their twirling duties as a consequence for playing that song at a pep rally. School administrators say the girls broke the student code of conduct and will have to sit out two football games and one pep rally as punishment.

One of the girls, Jordan Downey, thinks the school is overreacting. "It's a song," she said. "It's just like any other song." However, Downey admits that prior to the pep rally, school officials suggested that perhaps that song was not the best choice. "They told us that it probably won't be a very good a idea, and then we decided, like, it's not a big deal, we'll just run for it, no one's going to care," she said.

While some parents agree with the school's decision, the twirlers have found allies in the band members. They are wearing stickers that read "no twirlers, no band" and the entire drum line is threatening to boycott the games if the girls aren't allowed to perform.

This story reminds me of my own days as a twirler in school. I once performed a solo at a pep rally to Rick James' Super Freak. That song is way dirtier than I Kissed a Girl and nobody said a word about it. Maybe if James had been singing about a kinky boy instead of a girl, things might not have gone so well.

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