All-time worst Halloween treats

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apple and toothbrushThere's nothing quite like it -- dressing up as your favorite character, heading out (at night! in the dark!) to ask strangers for candy and getting ... wait for it ... a brand-new toothbrush.

Yes, friends, it's that time again.

Halloween is just around the corner and children (not to mention some adults) are counting the days until it's time to bring home a giant bag o' cavities. But not every treat in your huge plastic pumpkin is pleasing to the palate. Some of the all-time worst Halloween treats include apples, boxed raisins and old, loose hard candy.

Oh, yeah, and pennies.

Who does that? Pennies!

But the list doesn't end there. How about some yummy baked goods from the crazy lady down the street with all the cats? Or the classic unwrapped popcorn ball. You know, the stuff your parents started throwing away back in the '80s when some crazy dude supposedly put pins and needles in the goodies he gave out.

Remember when it was cool to hand out McDonald's coupons? Not so much anymore. Coupons of any kind made one list of Top 10 Worst Halloween Treats, along with dried fruit and mints.

My personal least favorite Halloween treat? That really hard bubble gum. You know of what I speak - the kind that breaks your jaw because it was manufactured in 1976 and sat on the shelf at your local Big Box store ever since.

How about you? Plastic bugs? Pencils? Play Doh (yes, I got that once). What's the worst treat you ever got?

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