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Give yourself a night off without having to pay for take-out.

Jared making cookies in DisneylandAs soon as your kids hit six or seven years old, depending on their individual maturity levels, assign them one night a week when dinner is their responsibility. At first, it will be just as much work, if not a bit more, than making dinner yourself but after a while they'll be able to handle most of the preparation themselves. By the time they're a pre-teen, they'll be a virtuoso with the vittles.

That's when your hard work -- or their hard work, actually -- really pays off. You come home from work, put your feet up, and pretty soon one of your kids tells you dinner is ready without you ever having to lift a finger. If you teach them right, you won't even have to clean up afterwards. You get a night off and your kids learn responsibility, safety, and a valuable life skill.

This week's DailyDish is all about cooking with kids. What's your favorite tip for cooking with little ones?


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