Halloween means business

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A jack-o-lantern hiding behind a bushSure, the economy is going down the drain and everyone is nervously checking the news to see if their bank is still in business, but that doesn't mean parents aren't going to be dressing their little ones up as pirates and princesses this Halloween. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, more people are planning on celebrating this year than last. They are also planning to spend more this year -- $66.54 on average.

"Halloween sales may be a bright spot for retailers this fall," said Tracy Mullin, NRF President and CEO. "Consumers -- who have been anxious and uncertain for the past several months -- may be looking at Halloween as an opportunity to forget the stresses of daily life and just have a little fun." Plus, you can't disappoint the kids, now can you?

So, how are people spending those Halloween dollars? There's twenty-four dollars and change for costumes, another twenty for candy, and eighteen dollars for decorations. There's even almost four dollars going to greeting cards (that would be my wife's family). With nearly three out of four people planning on handing out candy, but only about a third of respondents planning on taking kids trick-or-treating, there will undoubtedly be some leftovers. Yum!

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