Bridget Jones - Ruining families everywhere

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Bridget JonesWho's to blame for the demise of the nuclear family? Why, Bridget Jones, of course.

Wait ... what? A fictional character responsible for breaking up families? That's what David Willetts, who recently spoke at the UK's Conservative party conference thinks, anyway. Calling Bridget a real "phenomenon," he went on to say that more women than ever are finishing university. While that statistic is "fantastic," he went on to say that "even if men want to be the breadwinner ... they are no longer given the opportunity to bring home the bacon, and the evidence is that that is bad for families."

Here I thought I was a part of Generation X, but actually, I'm part of the "Bridget Jones generation" -- educated women who want to have it all, but are crushing the self-esteem of men everywhere and the notion of marriage and family in the process. Give me a break. Willett's attempt to pin the problems of the nuclear family on educated women, using a popular female icon, just shows that he doesn't understand the needs of a modern family or equality issues.

Besides, I don't think I'd call Bridget a feminist, would you? What do you think of Willett's comments?

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