Halloween to predict the next president?

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A mask of a jokerThere's more to Halloween than costumes and candy. Coming, as it does, just a few days before one of the most important elections we've had in a long time, it's also a potential predictor of the outcome of that election. You see, one of the perennial favorite categories for adult costumes is politicians and what better than to pick one's favorite candidate?

According to costume suppliers, mask sales have successfully predicted the outcome of the last few elections. So which of the two presidential candidates is winning, at least in mask sales? So far, it's Obama, but there's more to it, this time around. Sarah Palin has added an unexpected twist to the mix -- she was a late announcement so vendors were caught unprepared and she is a rare opportunity for women to dress as a candidate.

Personally, if I thought the correlation at all implied causation, I'd be in line to buy a dozen or so masks of my favorite candidate, but instead, I think I'll just chuckle a bit and make sure I vote in November.

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