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After a brief hiatus, ParentPicks is back! This is where we take full advantage of your wisdom and experience and ask you to share it with other parents. Whether you have one child or six, chances are you have come across a product, an idea, or a solution to a problem that is just what another parent is looking for. This month, let's see if we can dig out some great storage solutions for kids of all ages.

From birth to college, it seems that kid's lives are all about the stuff. And unless you live in a mansion with a children's wing, you know how all that stuff tends to take over the entire house. How do you keep it under control? Have you discovered the world's best toy box? A simple and stylish way to keep art supplies organized? What about all those stuffed animals that seem to multiply like rabbits?

Having just moved into a much smaller home, I am personally on the edge of my seat awaiting your great ideas for conquering the clutter and taming the toys. Send me your solutions and in two weeks, I will be back to share your picks with our readers.


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