A return to caning

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A display of rattan canes from the Johor Bahru Prison museum, Malaysia.According to the Times, one in five teachers in the UK would like to be able to use corporal punishment in the classroom. Children's behaviour, they say, has deteriorated so much that they feel the need to hit the children. "There is justification ... for bringing back corporal punishment, if only as a deterrent." claims Ravi Kasinathan, a primary teacher. "I believe some children just don't respond to the current sanctions."

"Children's behaviour is absolutely outrageous in the majority of schools," says supply teacher Judith Cookson. "There are too many anger management people and their ilk who give children the idea that it is their right to flounce out of lessons for time out because they have problems with their temper. They should be caned instead." So I guess the idea is that if a kid is having issues with anger, instead of teaching them to remove themselves from the situation and calm down, they should just hit.

There are times, believe me, when I feel like whipping my kids but that doesn't mean I should. Whether it's in spite of my parents using corporal punishment or because of it, I simply don't think hitting kids will solve anything or set a good example.

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